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  1. Roman

    Good afternoon I would like to buy from you a tablet.Whether probably to use a tablet with the Russian interface? Specify its parameters as it can be bought and the price?

    1. Kris Amora

      Hello Roman! I am not a seller but you can buy tablets with Russian interface at Fastcardtech. It is a reliable online shop. To visit their website, click here.

      Right now, I recommend the 10.1 inch tablet PiPo M2 3G. It has a dual core CPU and quad core GPU. It has Russian interface and built-in 3G. It costs $248.99 at Fastcardtech. For more details on PiPo M2, click here.

  2. Dewayne

    If I buy 5 goo iphone5 what will be the cost? Also price for 10? Thank you.

    1. Kris Amora

      Hello! I am not a seller but you can visit the online shop Fastcardtech. They have discounts for bulk orders. To visit their website, click here.

  3. DrHarinath

    DearSir, I am from rural INDIA.I like to have a 7inch TAB, built in 2G GSM SIM slot,2G voice calling and GPRS, 16:9.capacitive touch screen,Rear&front cameras, with3G usb datacard,Ebook,Gmail,youtube with dual core,1gb RAM, 8gb internal memory with SDcard expansion, 1080p video playback.Please advise. Thanks in advance.

    1. Kris Amora

      Hello! The tablet that closely fits with your specifications is Freelander PD20 3G Version.


  4. Koji Watanabe

    I have a question.
    Can I use the Jiayu G3 Japanese Language?
    I’m waiting your replay by E-Mail.

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! I’m not sure if Jiayu G3 has Japanese language but you can install custom Japanese ROMs to change the interface to Japanese. But you need to root it first. If you want to know if it has built-in Japanese language, visit the online shop Fastcardtech. To visit their website, click here.

  5. Smith

    Please can you help me, we have brought a Hyundai Rock tablet for our son’s Christmas present and while checking to make sure it works ok the screen has locked and the manual says press the reset button with a pin, but does not say where to find the rest button, please please help and explain to me where the reset button is located. Many thanks.

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! The reset button is somewhere at the back. It is just a small hole wherein you can insert a pin or a pointed object.

  6. jadamantoine

    i have a gt-i9220 china made i want to know how to convert the whole settings into english instead of some chinese and some english

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! Usually when you change the language to English, all will be changed to English, except for Chinese apps. If you want to remove the Chinese apps, try uninstalling them. In some cases, you have to root your phone to remove the built-in Chinese apps. You can search Google on how to root the GT-I9220.

  7. Avi

    Hi. What do you know about PxPhone i9300? What version of android? and is there A review?

    1. Kris Amora

      Hello! Sorry I’m not familiar with that phone. I will try to look into that.

  8. Manofwoodcamp

    I bought a Jiayu G3 from Fastcardtech and it was defective:
    – The ringer speaker does not work
    – The microphone is defective interlocutor does not hear

    Wanting to repair I damaged my motherboard, can you tell me where can I
    order a motherboard Jiayu G3?
    FASCARDTECH not sell this piece.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Best Regards

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! Sorry I’m not sure where you can buy the motherboard. Try Jiayu’s official website You can also search it on Google.

  9. meandros hellas

    Hi! i have a question please answer me if the X18i ARC S X12 mtk6573, hase GREEK (ελληνικα) language, THANKS A LOT

    1. Kris Amora

      Hello! Sorry but I’m not sure. You can ask Fastcardtech if it has Greek language. Usually, they can install additional languages upon request.


    Hi dear friend.
    I’m from TURKEY.
    I a seller is 5 years at Turkey.
    I buying always from china mobile phones.
    Now to here got big problem at customs.
    So I will make all delivery from china to georgia.
    I have a friend at georgia.
    He is a turk.

    But I need to infos about customs of georgia.
    I want 5 or 10 pcs phones in a box delivery to georgia.
    This is a problem for georgia customs?
    And what is shipping times from china to georgia with hong kong post or china post or singapore post or dhl,tnt post?

    I wait your help dear.

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! Sorry but I don’t sell phones. I only feature phones and tablets in my website. If you want to buy them, visit the online shop Fastcardtech. They can declare your package with a low value to avoid customs problems. To visit their website, click here.


    Yes dear,I know you dont sell phone.
    I need to info about customs of georgia.

    I want 5 or 10 pcs phone in a box shipping to georgia,to a address.
    And I can writer low prices for phones.

    If 5 or 10 pcs phones in a box delivery then can how a problem at georgia customs dear?

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! Sorry but I don’t know anything about the customs in Georgia. You can search it on Google.


        I searched english enad turkish at google,but I cant found anything a info dear.

        Very thnks for all dear my friend.


    And I talked today with a company from georgia.
    They is :

    They told to me: 300 gel under is free tax.
    And if price is big from 300 gel then tax is 18%.

    18% not problem.Because I can writer low price on bill.

  13. Tomas

    do you recommande tablet for kids (3 years old)??

    Thank You.

    1. Kris Amora


      Yes, tablets can be very useful to kids. Just take extra care so that they will not drop or break the tablet. Kids are prone to doing this.

  14. ayu

    my phone is locked and I never put any I want to unlock my phone lock Word. ..I already went to the store where I bought this telephone but they cannot open the this keyword.Why??What do I need to make in order to use this telephone.

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! You will have to reformat your tablet or re-install the operating system. You can have it repaired at your local smartphone repair shop or you can do it yourself by searching the steps on Google.

  15. todor

    Hello.I want to buy a tablet.I stopped on ONDA V972-3 PIPO.Please give me advice on whiche to choose

    1. Kris Amora

      Hello! PiPo tablets have good features. I recommend PiPo.

  16. Kristof

    Hello Kris!
    First of all I want to thank you for this website. There is a lot of information on it and for me it was definitely a great help to find the specifications of certain products. At this moment I’m searching a new tablet. I started to search tablets of the brand Pipo because I have read that you recommend or give a preference to this brand. I compared 3 tablets of this brand; the PIPO M6Pro 3G, the PIPO M7Pro 3G and the PIPO M9Pro 3G. I searched and compared them all on fastcardtech but I really don’t know what to buy. All of them have the same CPU, operating system, …
    It is not logical but when you look at the total package it seems that the M6pro 3G the best is of this selection. The screen resolution is higher and its battery has a higher capacity if you compare it with his successors.
    Am I missing something important or is the PIPO M6Pro 3G ​​just the better? What do you think is the better choice?

    Thank you in advance for your help and looking forward to your answer!

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! Since the tablets you mentioned all have the same CPU, the difference in performance will rely on the screen resolutions. The lower the screen resolution, the better it will perform with 3D-heavy games. But overall, they are all great tablets.

  17. Nikolay

    Hi Kris! I’m not familiar to chinese brands. Can u advise me cool 7-inch tablet with built in 3g modem for surfing, online video & etc? Thanks

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! Check out these 7.0-inch tablets with built-in 3G:

  18. Kristy Monticello

    Hi Kris,
    I conducted a factory reset on my Hyundai ROCK X800 tablet and now everything is in Chinese. How do I convert my tablet back to English?
    I truly appreciate all the help you can offer.

    Kristy Monticello

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! I am not familiar with your tablet’s navigation but I will narrate the steps of changing the language in stock Android. First go to Menu. Then tap on Settings. The icon for settings would either be a gear or a square with 3 buttons. Then go to Language & Input. The icon would look like a square with “A…” Then tap on the first line which would be the settings for Language. Look for English and tap it.

  19. priest Pavlo

    i need display of FREELANDER PX2 id 152294521

    1. Kris Amora

      Please visit the online tablet shops. They sell smartphone and tablet parts including display screens.

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